TIm Paul

Born and raised in Michigan, Tim moved to Los Angeles to teach yoga and join the Electric Soul family.  His passion lies within connecting with students, cultivating a space to explore, engaging them in flow, creating fun invigorating playlists, and sharing yoga to help serve students into finding both a physical and mental edge to grow and inspire their inner teacher. 

He found yoga after searching for a quick overweight fix through supplements and workout DVDs, but found so much more.

It was only after a year of practicing yoga, noticing the benefits of flexibility, balance and strength on and off the mat, Tim decided to embark on teacher training.  Teacher training helped him to explore the practice further, deepen an understanding of Vedanta and himself to share the knowledge and benefits yoga entails with everyone. There is something about getting people together in a playful atmosphere, fun music, relate able themes, sweating and moving through a space through poses that is so exciting yet can provide a truer space of inner reflection.  

Since completing training, Tim has been practicing and teaching daily, taking yoga beyond the poses and into a lifestyle.  Yoga has been a way for him to help manage the mind, overcome addictions and cultivate a greater self awareness to inspire personal growth and self understanding.

Come to class, establish a space of love, compassion, well being, and awareness all while practicing flows, jamming to some tunes, while connecting with community and self. Feel leaving refreshed and better than ever.

Tim has a Bachelors in Business Administration, a vegan soul, a sheepdog, and a cat. 


Private Session Specialties:

Yoga for Athletes

Gentle Yoga

Individual Sessions