At Home:

"Eric Paskel has excelled in yoga. Electric Soul Yoga, formerly Yoga Shelter, which he has spearheaded to a huge success, stands out as a monument of yoga practices. Above all, Eric is one of the rare few in America who has understood the true meaning of yoga. The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to join”. Yoga therefore is essentially a practice directing humans to drop their conditioned, restricted and limited being to unite with their unconditioned, liberated and enlightened Being. This truth has gripped Eric. And Eric Paskel is now an inspired yogi who is committed to teach both the physical and the metaphysical tenets of yoga. He is a whole man. When comes such another!" 

-Swami Parthasarathy

"I have always wanted to tell you how amazing of a teacher you are, but often there were too many people around you, or I was in a shy mode, but you were instrumental “in raising me” in both awareness and joy of yoga. So many of your messages came loud and clear to me this summer while nearly dehydrated and lost in the mountains on a hike. I had only ONE panic attack. That is very good for me. When I came back from my trip, I was so eager to tell you and that is when I learned you had left the studio. I swear, I felt like someone pulled the carpet from under my feet. I’ll bet that is how you must have felt too. Anyways, I know you are blessed with a loving family and that helps everything fall into place. Keep in touch, Eric."

- Karen


I wanted to express my gratitude and say thanks for your help tonight. Assisting me in putting my body into proper position and pulling my leg out, which to me is a living metaphor for helping me to pull myself out of my shit and start living in some light. You see I’ve been living in fear and depression for a while, over the last few years I’ve been working to embrace it, accept it and let it go, I suppose you and your team, your way is another way that helps me to overcome and live a better way.

I’ve been a pretty closed up person for a while, over weight and making a choice I’m in a personal growth and transition phase. I’ve lost over 140 pounds, still shedding guilt, shame and the past as well as letting go of the anxiety of future, either way, that’s a lot of shells to let go of, especially when I thought I’d be dead by now. You and your team help me to be present, bring another dose of light into my day and into my new way. When I step through your doors, I step into a temple, a temple to assist me in resurrecting my temple, my life. It's humbling.This place, these other people who walk through your doors, what you and your fellow yogis do is all beyond measure.Thank you kindly and I look forward to being, learning and becoming more.

- Aron Plucinski


"Since starting to do yoga at Electric Soul Yoga almost 2 years ago, I have lost over 65 lbs. However, it was the participation in the Transformation Trains that really enabled me to change the unhealthy behaviors I had adopted throughout my life. Because of the Train, I realized I was capable of more physically challenging yoga and my physical practice has improved. With the diet plan given by Eric, I learned that I would eat much larger portions than I really needed. And while I don’t follow the plan exactly now, I learned valuable tools which I use today to control my eating habits. Most importantly, through Eric’s teaching off the mat, I have understood how I interact with the world, learned how to change my thinking patterns and how to find peace and happiness. It also gave me the opportunity to make friends and find people who have helped me with being accountable to my yoga practice on and off the mat. I am so grateful for The Transformation Train because it has given me so much more than just going to yoga class a few times a week. Riding the Train brings genuine transformation to one’s life."

- Lydia


At this point in my life, I could rest on my laurels, enjoying the fruits of my labor. I could. But I won’t! I was restless still wanting to create new experiences, new challenges. Enter yoga, Life/Teacher/Transformation trainings. A whole new world opened up to me. But I was tentative at first. I took baby steps, testing the waters, slowly putting into practice what I had been learning from the lectures and the group exercises, both physical and behavioral. I was challenged mentally as well as physically and loved it all. Eric is to be commended for creating such a viable, doable program; a blueprint for living, emphasizing what IS really important in life. The best part of going through the trainings is that the real ME has emerged. I am in love with living life, constantly working to progress, no longer restless. Endless waves of transformation have brought me to this point!

- Barbara



"I'm sure this is your 100th thank you since the training/retreat but you deserve it. Thank you so much for a wonderful week. I think this trip made me realize that I need to make the next step and do Life and Teacher training next year. That is my goal. This was a great week and it's amazing how I've seen you change peoples lives. I'm thankful to have you in my life."

"I wanted to thank you for creating the retreat experience and specifically for taking time to speak with me one on one on the catamaran. I came on the retreat because I wanted to challenge myself to do something completely outside my comfort zone and start making some significant changes in my life. As strange as it may sound, until my conversation with you about not living life in "isolation station", I really had not thought it was important always try to be authentic in my interactions. That was a powerful experience for me. Actually I am crying right now just recalling it. I feel that was the beginning of a shift in my outlook. I just know no matter what, I am moving toward a better, brighter future. So while I feel it has become a totally cliché to say, I know that the retreat changed my life and you in particularly, have played a huge part in that. Thank you!"



"Good morning Eric! Thank you again for the wonderful seminar on relationships. I was moving towards those ideas anyway from my studies in becoming a teacher. It really help lead me to a peace with where I am at and the work I need to do. I really enjoy the philosophy aspect of yoga. The devotion and the stories about Ganesh and Shiva. The principals of living and the eight limbs. I know you mentioned having a guru and spending time in India. What would be a good step for me, reading material, to start to move towards that self study? Thank you and have a beautiful day! Thank you so very much for the Relationships Revealed class today at Wanderlust @ Snowshoe...Lots of great information and certainly lots to ponder. Looking forward to picking up the book (I prefer paper to e-readers!) Hope travels to your next destination went smoothly."

at Wanderlust Fest

Exactly one year ago today, at right around this very hour, I met Eric Paskel of Electric Soul. To be honest, I knew something was going to happen even before I took his class. As I walked from my tent at Bhakti Fest into the Yoga Hall, my eyes became wider, my vision more crisp and this voice inside my head just kept saying, “Clarity, Clarity, Clarity.” I didn’t know what was happening to me. I just felt like something was going to change. Something about how I saw myself was going to be altered. This is not some notion of hind sight or a colorful way of remembering it. This is exactly what happened. I know this because this is what I needed at the time. Some new way of looking at myself - the old way obviously wasn’t working. That Yoga class changed my life. It changed it in the moment, pose by pose, breath by breath and funny axiom of Eric’s by funny axiom of Eric’s. Who the hell was this guy? What I got from that class was synthesis. That was my word from Bhakti Fest 2013, SYNTHESIS. You don't have to be one way with some people and another way with others, you don’t have to dumb yourself down to be accepted by the masses, you don’t have to omit AC/DC from your playlist because it might disturb a few. Be you. Be all of you. Be all the seeming contradictions and inconsistencies. Be all the meditation and five shades of eyeshadow. Be the academic reader and the roller coaster rider. Whatever you think is some oil and water consistency is in your life is utter bullshit and clear evidence you are trying to FIT somewhere - somewhere conceived in your head, which is just fucking you over. The mind is a bitch! Just be you. After that class I signed up for life training and Yoga Teacher Training with Eric and the team from Electric Soul. I shed all my bullshit victim stories, uncovered all the beauty within (still with a little lipstick!) and got really, really real and really, really fearless. I learned I was Real Tough and Real Love; and I learned to never ever, ever tell a lie again or believe one. I am me - the true me, which is total love. That’s all I am ever responsible for: love. That’s all I am ever going to have to do in life. I would encourage everyone to do the same - get free, get real, get to kicking ass in life and love like it is the air you breathe.

at Bhakti Fest


I just wanted to thank you for your classes at YJ. I learn and grow (and even cry!) so much in your classes. So inspiring. Really appreciate your message and your expertise. Keep it up and let me know if you're ever keen to come down to Australia to teach. You'd blow some Aussies out of the water! I also love your playlists. Is that something that you share? Great mixes. And I saw that you and Sadie are going to teach a class together at your studio. Man, sometimes I wish I was living back in SoCal. That's awesome! All the best to you and your lovely ladies.

at YJ Live San Diego


My mom and I took two of your classes in Estes. Yin on the Rocks was the best yoga class I've ever taken. My mom and I both cried when you played Take it to the Limit and Helpless. Those songs mean so much to us and we never expected to hear them in yoga! I will remember thatclass and that special moment with my mom for the rest of my life.Thank you for that. You made yoga feel real and human. It melted our hearts. I am filled with gratitude to have ever experienced that class.

at YJ Live Colorado