Rachel Bearer

I have always been drawn to the mind-body connection. From an early age I was fascinated by the body’s ability to, not only, heal and renew itself, but also, by it’s seemingly divine ability to communicate with us and uncover where there is work to be done or where loving attention is needed. As a singer, I was exposed to the concepts of alignment and breath connection through vocal training and The Alexander Technique. To this day, I can remember lessons in which my physical postures and breath connection - or lack thereof :) -  would display patterns of tension and holding, resistance or repression. Of course, this led me to many a beautiful, cathartic breakdown and opened my awareness to connecting with the inner body and through it, myself. I could feel a deeper, spiritual connection to life through movement, music and self-expression. 

Yoga walked into my life quietly and unassumingly but won me over within the first Sun Salutation.  Here was something ancient and absolutely foreign to me, but it felt so completely normal and natural. It felt as if I was coming home. I knew this feeling of alignment and inner body awareness because of my voice lessons. I knew this feeling of freedom - this unfettered access to the ever-flowing expression of Life - and all I wanted was to immerse myself in it.

So, I began my own little spiritual practice - part of which involved moving to California and dedicating my life to music and artistic expression. I took yoga with me and I practiced everywhere: at home, in hotels rooms across United States and the UK while on tour with my band - much to the chagrin of my poor, sleeping bandmates. Lol. For a time I was practicing nightly, writing affirmations or music daily as a path toward inner reflection and deeper connection. 

Of course, life changed: my band lost our record deal with Verve, we spent 2 years writing an album that we were incredibly proud of but that got little to no traction, we lost a reality show to some dear friends. We had to get “real” jobs. Anxious, afraid and hurt, my practice came to a halt. I stopped sharing music with anyone, I stopped writing, I stopped practicing. I became a “sounding gong”, rattling off spiritual materialism, getting off on my philosophical ego but with no real power behind my words because there was no real practice. I said I was a singer and wrote my own songs but I never showed my music to anyone. I would say, “Oh yeah, I know yoga" but I wasn’t really practicing or even actively looking for a teacher or space to practice. I talked about honestly, integrity and "speaking your truth" but I was hiding mine from everyone. I was caught up in pretending, in doing. I had completely lost sight of myself. I was hurt, disappointed and fearful. I felt rejected. I was miserable and every aspect of my life was suffering for it. 

You know though, you can only stew in your own misery for so long before your realize you are the one standing in the way of your own good. “Am I going to create space for love in my life, or am I going to hold on to suffering?”, I thought. Suffering in the self only creates more suffering in the world. It was time to let go of suffering and make some room for love. I knew that if I made space in my life for self-care, the body and the breath - always faithful, never faltering - would show me the way. So, I committed to 30 days of meditation and I bought myself a group of classes at what is now Electric Soul Yoga.

There it was again: that feeling of coming home. It was as if I had been here all along somehow. I fell in love with the space, the community and the teachers. Six months later, May 2015, I went to Eric’s Life Teacher Training. When I first heard about it, it was one of those moments where you know in your gut you are going to do something. I knew I was going and that I would teach yoga. I, not only had a beautiful experience, but made some of the best friendships of my life! (As well, as earning 200RYT *insert smirky emoji here lol)

One year later, May 2016, I started teaching classes here. So I guess you could say, ya, I felt at home alright. Lol.

I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of such an incredibly loving, talented, and inspiring group of teachers and students. It truly is an honor to share this practice with each and everyone of you and I blessed to be a part of such a chill, honest, dedicated, and loving community. Electric Soul Yoga is a place where anyone and everyone belongs. We are the dreamers, daring to believe in love and dedicating our lives as a space for Love to vibrate. Here, we move, we breath, we come together to practice being.