Nisa Wong

I'm a dancer...always have been, always will be. For as long as I can remember I've been a bit of a free spirit and performer at heart, so after spending more than a decade teaching dance and coaching cheerleading, I decided it was time for me to actively pursue a career in performance. That and (let's be honest) the near perfect weather, prompted me to leave Toronto, Canada, where I was born and raised and move to this beautiful, crazy city of Los Angeles.

So here I am and this is me. I have always been "the chill one" in my group of friends. I try to only do work that makes me - not my bank account - happy, and I firmly believe that the universe always provides us with what we really need. I think kindness and politeness are undervalued and underrated. I love Marvel movies, funky music (Jamiroquai, Sade & deep house give me life!), rollercoasters and my crazy dog, Lulu. I eat junk food, curse and lose my shit in traffic more than I'd like to admit (I'm working on that last one) and I want to have as much fun as I can before I leave this life and I think everyone else should, too.

I found yoga through a Groupon and initially thought it would just be a good activity to add to my workout regimen. I had no idea the effect it would have on my life in ways far beyond the physical. I love that moving through postures forces me to clear my mind...can't think of much else when I'm upside down with a leg in the air trying not to fall over. And I love that I don't have to DO everything to FEEL it all.

Because of yoga I am learning to let go of trying to be perfect...perfect doesn't exist. Because of yoga I am learning to forgive others for behavior that upsets never know what they are carrying and how heavy the load. Because of yoga I am learning to accept who I really am, without judgment...everyone is beautiful, including me :)

If you take class with me you will be encouraged to let go of what you look like and just close your eyes and feel your way through the flow. I hope you will have fun, be challenged physically & emotionally and maybe try something new. And you will most definitely be surrounded by some sweet, funky, soulful jams. Come find your rhythm and forget about trying to be a certain way...just allow yourself to be.

Namaste, baby!

Private Class Specialties:   Yoga/dance fusion Yoga for people who hate yoga Yoga for female empowerment

Private Class Specialties:

Yoga/dance fusion
Yoga for people who hate yoga
Yoga for female empowerment