Mini-Yoga Getaway Day

(Playful Vinyasa + Philosophy)

with Rina Jakubowicz

Need a getaway to disconnect from all the LA insanity? Need some me-time to recharge your spiritual batteries? This mini-yoga weekend is your answer. You’ll have two unique yoga classes to help kick off the day plus an afternoon of practical philosophy, interactive discussion and restorative exercises.  

The following classes are the antidote to your dependency on the externals, a dependency that steals your energy, leaving you depleted and overwhelmed.  

9:15am - Blindfolded Yoga:  Practice blindfolded to heighten your other senses and look within. You’ll experience a new journey within your practice and discover a lot about yourself.

10:30am - Cartoon Yoga: A Journey Through the Music of Animation:  Tap into your inner silliness, featuring playful music, poses, and sing alongs to Disney tunes and more. Cartoons represent boundless possibilities where everything is vibrant, colorful and joyous. Even the villains are comical and get their own catchy theme song. You’ll still get your sweat on, but you’ll also get your smile on. Connect with your magic kingdom within you to find that curious, open-minded and wide-eyed spirit that brings excitement to your life. Children have so much energy because they aren’t preoccupied with the past or the future. Join me for this memorable class because in the wise words of Pumbaa and Timon, “Hakuna Matata.”   (not intended as a kids yoga class)

1pm - 5pm : Practical Philosophy, Interactive Discussion and Restorative Exercises.  

Using Vedanta as our guide, we will explore new methods for tackling challenges and obstacles with the enthusiasm and optimism of our youth. You’ll end the day with renewed energy and optimism.

Make it a priority to make this happen for yourself. If you’re reading this and thinking, “but I don’t have the time or money” then remind yourself that you deserve this and probably really need this. Finding time today will give you more quality time tomorrow. Start the new year with a new animated and bright outlook. In the wise words of Pumbaa and Timon, “Hakuna Matata.”  



January 21, 2018

Sunday 9am to 5pm



Electric Soul Yoga

12408 Ventura Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


Contact Rina at for questions.

Contact Jordan at to sign up!


Continuing Education credits available through Yoga Alliance.


Early Bird by December 26: $69

Regular: $99