Eric Paskel Presents: Life and Teacher Training

Break on through to the other side

Have you been looking for that one thing that will make all the difference in your life?

The key to allowing you to stop looking back at a dead past and worrying about an unborn future?

The one path that will eliminate anxiety and fear?

If so,then Eric Paskel's Life Training is for you!



Eric Paskel's Life and Yoga Teacher Training is an inspirational, eye-opening journey like no other! This training was designed and cultivated by internationally renowned 500 hour E-RYT and marriage & family counselor- Eric Paskel, to be one of the most dynamic, comprehensive and mind-altering experiences in the world. Set on the pristine coastlines of Mar de Jade Mexico, you’ll live everyday of your training in line with the principles and practice of yoga.



“Yoga Training programs have become trendy, predictable and cookie cutter, but, not ours.”, states Life and Teacher Training founder- Eric Paskel. “We have the only Life and Teacher Training program in the world that teaches students to think for themselves.”



The Details

Dates: Saturday April 29, 2017 - May 8, 2017

Investment: $3899 Early Bird till Feb 1st/ $4399 after Feb 1st  (includes manual, exotic accommodations, meals, and adventures!

Note: Does not include flight

Payment Plans available for 3 months and 6 months' payments
(3 and 6 month payment plans)


Life and teacher training provides students

A freedom from attachment, anxiety and fear

A clarity and strength to manage all relationships in a peaceful way

The essential tools and teachings to lead



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Want to know what you’ll experience during training?

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Four pillars comprise the foundation of
Eric Paskel's Life Training:

  • Lectures: A series of compelling Life Training lectures cover: What is a yoga practice? What are humans composed of? How to perfect action? What is Life? Four principles of making every relationship loving and easy. Laws of Cause and Effect: Destiny and Karma.
  • Exploration Exercises: These activities, designed by Eric Paskel, inspire us to take dynamic action in the moment, and in our lives. Alone and with partners, we will explore our mental blocks, our beliefs, our barriers and our boundaries, which keep us from being our best and living the life we want to live.
  • Action Adventure: At Training, we will be challenged on our yoga mat every day, and we will engage in other active adventures that serve as jumping-off points for doing the personal work we need to do.
  • Sharing Circles: Here, we share and listen. We let our feelings, our emotions and our stories enlighten us to the blocks we keep stumbling upon again and again.Authenticity, rawness, and courage are at the core of Paskel's philosophy and approach. "We will never again feel alone, have to hide, or hold our burdens like a bag of rocks we cannot put down.” 


At Teacher Training, we continue to move through the Four Pillars from Life Training. Now that we are grounded and trusting ourselves and each other, we are ready to dig deeper into yoga philosophy, action adventure and our signature experiential exercises to elevate our status as human beings.


Why take this training?


Truly, what makes this program so special is that this is the first and only program, blessed by Swami Parthasarathy, to teach the ancient principles of Vedanta. Without these teachings, I would not feel qualified personally or professionally to lead.” says Eric Paskel

“Every moment of Training is perfectly designed to create a safe and comfortable environment as we break through our personal histories and stories, work through our miseries and forge new destinies.” says Eric Paskel. Life Training is a revealing and healing program, one that every human being should attend. Participants, not only come away with a new found direction and inspiration, but also with the support of an entire community, whenever needed.


200 Hour Teacher Training Format

Students receive 10 days of Life and Teacher training totaling 170 hours

The remaining 30 hours are to be complete after training within 30 days. These hours consist of homework assignments, individual/ small group contact hours with Eric Paskel, philosophical study, personal practice, teaching practice, and class observations.




Training Requirements

  • Meet with your appointed training partner twice a week to go over assignments provided during Life and Teacher Training
  • Observe four classes
  • Learn to teach the “Master Flow” which is customizable to any type of yoga class
  • Attend a minimum of four classes per week
  • Study 45-60 minutes every morning
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As Teachers in Training You will


  • Partake in lectures on the entire scope of Yoga Philosophy and Practice

  • Experience exploration exercises that challenge repetitive belief patterns

  • Learn Yoga asana, sequencing, communication skills, themes, and music management

  • Explore action adventures throughout the serene setting of Mar de Jade Mexico and the Pacific Ocean

  • Experience sharing circles for personal growth and development. 

  • And much much more!

What happens after training?

*Once Life and Teacher Training is completed, you will be encouraged to participate in Eric Paskel’s feedback testing process. The process is complimentary to you.  The process will teach you how to hone your skills as a yoga instructor and prepare you for any and every class situation. You will be supported by Eric’s Paskel’s teachers and fellow trainees during this highly recommended process.