Life & Teacher Training Testimonials 


"Dearest Beloved Teacher,

I was struck yesterday when you were speaking to a woman after class about what I presumed to be training. If my presumption was correct then that woman was me a year ago. I realized that our conversations have changed quite a bit over this last year and have moved away from being mostly about my crises to other things like music, student teaching and TV binge watching ;)

I was overcome with feelings of clarity and gratitude as I thought about what I was feeling at that time versus where I am now. I am feeling some sense of control over my desires. I am definitely still a "work in progress” but I recognize so much more now than I did then. I feel that I am truly starting to make some of the connections that we have talked about and that you have spoken about over the years. So I wanted to thank you for your role in making that happen and for your continued support and inspiration.

With Love and Gratitude,



"A year and a half ago, I participated in Rina's yoga teacher training and quite honestly, my life has not been the same since.  I was going through a rough time and wasn't sure how to sort out my thoughts, but through the training I quickly learned how to apply certain yogic principles that settled my heart and mind.  It's something I enjoy applying every day and my life is truly better for it.  I wouldn't trade my time learning from Rina for anything."

- Sarah Blades


"I'm sure this is your 100th thank you since the training/retreat but you deserve it. Thank you so much for a wonderful week. I think this trip made me realize that I need to make the next step and do Life and Teacher training next year. That is my goal. This was a great week and it's amazing how I've seen you change peoples lives. I'm thankful to have you in my life."


"I wanted to thank you for creating the retreat experience and specifically for taking time to speak with me one on one on the catamaran. I came on the retreat because I wanted to challenge myself to do something completely outside my comfort zone and start making some significant changes in my life. As strange as it may sound, until my conversation with you about not living life in "isolation station", I really had not thought it was important always try to be authentic in my interactions. That was a powerful experience for me. Actually I am crying right now just recalling it. I feel that was the beginning of a shift in my outlook. I just know no matter what, I am moving toward a better, brighter future. So while I feel it has become a totally cliché to say, I know that the retreat changed my life and you in particularly, have played a huge part in that. Thank you!"