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Yoga Gives to St. Jude Kids

One of the many aims of a Yogi is correct positioning.  

This applies to physical asana but the body's position is only a small part of what "being in the correct position means." 

June 30th we are holding a yogathon (don't worry it's not as grueling as it sounds).  We all are in a position to help.  The helping pose is one where our efforts and resources contribute directly to someone else's life.  That life is one of a child.  St Jude's is the foremost hospital in the world.  The treatment is like no other.  The children and their families pay for nothing all because of us! Whenever minimum effort goes a long way it's a home run.  All you need to do is what you love doing; come take class.  Donate what you can financially or start a team of your own.  This my dear friends, is what the yogis call a no-brainer.  All the work a Yogi does on herself is for helping others. 

It's an honor to be in this community with you.  A joy to share class with you but most of all we keep saving each other! On the 30th we sweat it out to save those who can't help themselves.  

Much Love, EP


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