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The Magic of Modifications

How do you juggle so many types of bodies and personalities in one class? You could have an eclectic variety such as a man with tight hips, pregnant woman, a highly distracted person, an elderly person, an overachiever, an uber flexible gymnast, and the list goes on.

The magic word is... Modifications! These are key to providing a safe space for all students, no matter their body type or injury.

This workshop will help you identify various modifications you can provide for your students, no matter who or where you teach! We will not only identify physical modifications that will help you give effective physical and verbal adjustments optimal for each student, but we will also discuss specific techniques to connect with your students on a deeper level, both emotionally and spiritually.

You will learn:

  • Hands on and hands off adjustments, variations on verbal cues and physical modeling.
  • A teaching tool kit of techniques on how to teach to different kinds of students with different personalities and physical conditions.
  • We will also cover different types of learning; auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Come and empower yourself as a teacher so that your class becomes seamless and inspiring for all!

Note: You will receive continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance with this workshop.

$35/Early bird till May 10th
$45/After May 10th