Emily Belgard

I came to electric soul yoga with all my ducks in a row. I was a college graduate. I was the lead singer in a rock band that played out all the time. I was in a relationship. I was...an accomplisher of things.  And I hadn't a clue who I was.  And I hadn't a clue how sad I had really been for many years. 

Flash forward nearly five years and the search continues. But it's with a lot less shame. With a lot less judgement. It's with a lot more honesty. And even a little bit of pride. And now whether i'm on the back of my horse, on my yoga mat, or wearing the hat of a marriage and family therapist intern, I'm more aware of who I am than ever before. And more aware of the growth that's left to be felt. The life that's left to be loved. I'd be a fool to think it'll all be a cake walk, but I know I've found myself in the safest of places to explore it all in. 

We're all just human doing our best to get by. For me, Yoga is all about the moments. The moments we embrace ourselves and find acceptance in our present physical and mental states. Those moments where we doubt ourselves and yearn to find relief in the safety of routine. Those moments where u take a child's pose instead of doing the 3 extra push ups you do EVERY time and u chuckle bc the child's pose actually feels really good, and it kinda feels good that you gave it to yourself. 

Those moments where you start to judge the girl in front of you with her crazy impressive arm balances and who knows what in the hell she's doing with her legs , but you realize you're just trying keep yourself from feeling inferior (like a physical pose or a girl with legs for days has the power to deflate your whole sense of self anyway).

Those moments where you learn about you. Those moments matter. Some of them really suck. And some of them are really quite amazing. And they all...matter. 

Always Those moments.  Always Killer music.  Always A giggle or two.     Always...real

Private Instruction Specialties:

Yoga for Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Beginner's yoga

Yoga with Weights.