Yoga isn't one size fits all. What resonates with you?

*Important note: Feel free to start anywhere! Our classes differ in pace, volume (music), temperature and postures. When choosing a class, whether you are new or experienced, choose using your nature, your mood or even your sense of adventure! You cannot go wrong.  Our teachers are trained to help meet you at your level. We are thrilled you are checking out our classes and more importantly getting your ass to one! Namaste, EP

All classes are heated between 84 and 87 degrees. When classes are full the room can reach up to 95 degrees. 

This is the class you've been waiting for: a great EARLY morning workout + a fantastic way to set the tone for the rest of your day. Join Rachel + Sarah as they lead you through a combination of Sun salutations, Vinyasas, strengthening standing series, and core-blasting balancing sequences. This class will wake your body, calm your mind and open your heart to what the day holds.  Greet the sun and Self with Electric Soul Rise! 


Electric Soul Rise

The Sweetest Thing

Come and sink into a deep, gentle stretch. With slower moving flows, the Sweetest Thing offers you a chance to work thru mostly seated and restorative postures. This is a wonderful, active recovery for those healing from injuries, or for those who need a break from their more intense daily workouts.

Energy Level: Chill     Difficulty: Mild     Pace: Slow

Rock n' Soul


Designed to produce ultimate health on the inside along with a toned outside, Rock N’ Soul is a great class for those who really like to move faster in their practice. Many will mistake this class as exclusive to those in tiptop shape, but people of any physical ability can join and enjoy class. Rock N’ Soul single-handedly opened the door to a new, dynamic, fun and energizing  yoga movement that has now spread across the globe.

Energy Level: High     Difficulty: as Easy or Demanding as you make it     Pace: Upbeat


Soulful is a great class for those who want a good challenge while moving at a slow, steady pace. The standing postures vary but always include balancing, side bends, forward bends, back bends and twists. Soulful is much more active than The Sweetest Thing and we spend more time in standing postures than seated. 

Energy Level: Chill to Minor Thrill     Difficulty: Moderate & above     Pace: Slow


ESY Fuse is a hybrid born from Soulful and Rock N' Soul. The class introduces Sun Salutations from Rock N' Soul along with its upbeat music. Once the body is heated up from the sun salutations, the rest of the standing series moves slower without repeating the sequences. If you're wanting to experience or learn a bit of vinyasa flow-breath and movement system without going for broke (I designed this class for me), then this best-of-both worlds class is for you. 

Energy: Mid Range     Difficulty: Depends on you     Pace: Brisk at times

Electric Soul Train

Created by Eric Paskel, Electric Soul Train is a symphony of movement and sounds that is a one of a kind workout. This class was birthed from the roots of vinyasa flows,and boot camp workouts. Though this class is very challenging the constant changes in exercises, along with the incredibly inspiring dialogue and music students are able stretch themselves far beyond their normal conditioning in a safe, healthy way. 

Energy Level: High     Difficulty: Hard but...     Pace: Fast 

Gentle vinyasa Flow

Taking us back to the root of where the physical practice of Yoga comes from, Rina Jakubowicz joins Electric Soul Yoga to present us with Gentle Vinyasa Flow. Gentle Vinyasa Flow is a traditional, yet fun-loving and non-competitive class with Sun Salutations and a flow of standing poses, balancing poses and arm balancing poses. Combining breath with movement we will focus on developing our core from the inside out. All levels welcome.

Energy Level: Moderate & Above Difficulty: Challenging     Pace: Rhythmic/Fluid

Like its next of kin, VInyasa Flow is a more vigorous practice combining one breath with one movement although we will hold some poses for 5 breaths in order to go deeper into them. A sequence of Sun Salutations, standing postures, leg balancing, arm balancing, back bends, core drills, and inversions will be webbed into the class. This class will repeat poses in order to help your body get stronger and more flexible. All levels welcome.

Energy Level: Mid Range  Difficulty: Challenging     Pace: Rhythmic

vinyasa fLow

Consider this your short moment of “Words of Wisdom” for the day! We have this time to reflect on the ancient teachings of yoga in order to deepen our understanding of ourselves and why we practice yoga daily. Some texts we discuss in this mini-class are "The Fall of the Human Intellect” and “Vedanta Treaties" by A. Parthasarathy, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Extending the benefits of your yoga practice beyond the mat by applying philosophical principles in your daily life will prove to be life-altering if you just give it a chance. This class is donation-based so there’s nothing to lose… and so much to gain! :) 

Yoga Philosophy