Become Born Again: Exercise Your True Greatness

I was born on February 22, 1968.  I was reborn on January 24,1986, and yet again on

April 1, 2004 , and September 26, 2013.  Yet, I am sure I will be reborn again in this lifetime.  A rebirth comes from a complete paradigm shift. It is truly when the world you live in, the operating principles that guide you, change entirely. This can be initiated by external circumstances.  But in order to be reborn, one must renew their inner constitution.

The first 18 years of my life I suffered. I never knew a comfort in my own skin. I never experienced an ounce of content. I was swept up in what others thought or felt about me. I wanted to alter my state daily.  I knew everything and I wanted to die. My first rebirth came as I walked into Drug Rehab, January 24, 1986. Thirty days later, with a lifetime of work ahead of me, I was reborn. I wanted to live. I knew nothing.  I was concerned about what I thought about, not what others thought. I was content with a conversation, a smile, a meal, and a good night’s sleep. I felt, for the first time, real and genuine. I wanted to be in the state I was in.

Rebirth is possible.  In fact it's probable, if and only, when you want to exercise your true greatness. I am not talking about talent.  Talent, in many cases, is not only an obstacle to find your greatness, but it kills. I am talking about your godliness.  That is simply the magic in you. The incredible power that we, as humans, possess.  These days, days are spent chasing mundane dreams by humanity.  I see people, including myself, achieving goals and fulfilling dreams, only to find they still are not full!

This Easter become born again!  Make a total shift.  Know that you don't know!  Surrender.  No more chasing and racing through life.  Cease and release the need to control, to look "good", to pretend, or to hide.  Be real!  Do the work you know you need to do and learn what you don't know!  All of this may sound overwhelming, but it all starts with one powerful choice.  Choose to really live and choose to get help in doing so. You want to see a different world? You will the moment there is a different you.

Join us this Good Friday for Chill, Chant & Chat. This evening is the culmination of my Yoga Movement.  We are travelers, seekers, fighters and lovers.  But all in all, we are humans.  Come be human with us.


Wellness & Gratitude By Tim Paul

Finally, some time to go to yoga! But of course my mind is saying otherwise. Free time? Why not watch TV...anyway the reasons to go outweigh the reasons not to. Mindful exercise helps heal, never felt worse after yoga then before class, and had to take a break from a cell phone, talk about eyestrain. So it was about time to take an hour out of the day to practice! But practice what?

Walking into the studio after checking in at the desk we get to leave our belongings outside the yoga room, talk about feeling lighter. Upon going in the room and setting the mat down I'm grateful. Not because I'm going to get some workout, but that we come as we are! There are so many blessings with just the fact I can be inside a yoga class and practice for a wholesome hour. For example, transportation to and from, I'm able to afford the best therapy (yoga), and it’s a way to develop health. That's when I realized; gratitude was going to be the practice.

Without everyday distractions, closed eyes, long slow full breaths connected with the movements between and within the poses, the class begins. We come, as we are, not used to be, or strain to become. Bringing awareness to the body, wellness, breath, sounds, motions, balance and all the things we do posses, like love. This sense of gratitude helps develop a physical edge, which most people seek from yoga, when it’s really within. Progressing a practice by not labeling challenges impossible, but being grateful to show us how to move forward.

Swimming in sweat, class ends with a smile and I’m feeling and thinking better than before. Feeding the positive. The space of gratitude we cultivate may break us or make us. The sense of committing to a practice away from what we think, and into what we are. Putting a phone away and giving yourself some undivided time to experience the beauty of the senses and life, leaving with a sense of well being and possibly a peace of mind. Being thankful for challenges to keep us healthy, the challenge to practice gratitude.




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Definition of Heathy By Sarah Wahl

“It is health that has real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver” ~Mahatma Gandi

Throughout the end of last year and into the start of this year, the word health has been on my mind, and just what health means to us all. Some people don’t want to think about it, others don’t mean to take it for granted but think it’s owed to us, and some are actively working each day to focus on health and taking care of this vessel we’re using on our experience in this life. 

This was mainly brought into my focus because my 18 year old cousin, Luke, has cancer for the third time. Every class, I’ve used him as my center and my focus; feeling the burn in my legs because I can push through in honor of him. In honor of someone unable to make it to class. He was an athlete and an amazing one at that. When we take a yoga class or go on a hike, just take a second to say thank you. Thank you for my health, thank you for the ability to get myself out of bed this morning and put one foot in front of the other. Thank you for allowing my body to work today and thank you thank you for my health.

You can have all the money in the world, but if you’re health is bad or you’ve beaten your body up too much, that money won’t mean anything, if you’re not healthy enough to use it or do anything with it.

Being healthy is a state of mind that feeds the body. If you tell yourself every day that, you’re sick and tired and that’s all you keep telling people, guess what? You’ll be sick and tired all the time. What we allow into our head affect us mentally and physically. My cousin Luke will not take no for an answer. He is filling himself up with happiness and positive strong energy. We get to choose how we react to life, and to the strengths and struggles.

The goal is the realize health is the main treasure, what we all aim for- Good Health, Happiness and Time to enjoy life.

~Sarah Wahl

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Yogis Testimonies:

Sarah’s class is the perfect blend of a great workout and mind-body yoga relaxation. You’re always moving but with a real steady focus. There’s the ideal amount of time on the mat compared to time spent in standing poses. Her music is always amazing and Sarah creates flows where every part of the body gets an even amount of attention. She also sets the room with just the right amount of heat. When you enter the studio you always get a warm hug from Sarah. She makes you feel so welcomed! We love Sarah’s classes and look forward to attending it anytime she is on the schedule! She’s awesome! -Love, Jill, Garrett and Ruby

I absolutely LOVE Sarah's class. She's an amazing teacher, walks around and keeping an eye out for times to give you small corrections with your technique or to push you a little further than you think you can go. At the same time, she knows how to make class FUN! Her music selection is on POINT and she gets your booty grooving. And her voice is so soothing; she always seems to have something poignant to say that connects our yoga practice to real life situations. I definitely feel like a better person when I leave her class, both physically and mentally.... which is everything that I've been looking for in a yoga class. Thank you Sarah for the sweat therapy! -Much Love, Amanda de Joya

A Real Life Transformation : Life & Teacher Training Testimonial

Although I am normally a very private person, I am going to tell you about my experience with Eric Paskel, because he has made such a transformative mark on my life.  I first met Eric at a workshop that he led at Perennial Yoga and Meditation Center in Madison, WI on March 27-29, 2015.  I was drawn in by this teaser:

Eric Paskel is going to take us on a journey that starts with identifying where we are, where we want to go, and how to get ourselves there. This is a bootcamp for your Body, Mind and Intellect. You'll be strengthened and lengthened both on a muscular and mental level. Discussions will include diet, relationships, communication and exercise and they will take us to the roots of all our actions. If you are willing to lay it on the line -- physically, mentally and spiritually - you won't be sorry. Come transform your everyday yoga practice into a transcendental experience and leave with a RENEWED sense of yourSELF.”

This was all true.  Eric inspired me to begin a path of renewal.  In fact, after completing his “boot camp”, I cancelled a major surgery for which I had already had my pre-op physical, in order to continue my journey with Eric. I signed up immediately to attend his Mexico life/teacher training workshop and retreat for 2 weeks in May.  To say it was a transformative experience is an understatement.

Due to a childhood trauma, I had not stepped foot in an ocean in over 45 years.  I’ve been all over the world with my family, and have always sat on the beach while they surfed the waves or surf boarded.  Through an number of mental challenges and exercises that Eric facilitated during his workshop, I was able to work through my fear of water, and not only go in to bodysurf the first wave of my life, but the very next day I actually surf boarded!!!  My family was absolutely floored to see the pictures of me with a huge smile on my face surfboarding.  My husband asked me if I was really his wife.

To be honest, I was headed to my lawyer to pursue a divorce before I met Eric.  He asked me to put that on hold until after the retreat to see how I felt then.  Unbelievable.  I am no longer house searching.  My relationship with my husband is flourishing.  All because Eric asked me to stay put and listen up.  Eric is a wealth of wisdom, and anyone lucky enough to be in his path would do well to shut up and listen.  Good things are to come because Eric will stick with you and love you through your entire journey.

Included in Eric’s workshop in Mexico were daily talks on Vedanta, of which the goal is for “the seeker to have the direct experience of his or her true nature, and it is held that each and every one of us is qualified to have that highest illumination, if we are willing to put forth sincere and intense effort.” 

I learned a lot about having my addictions illuminated.  I had been ignoring the white elephant in the room.  With a lot of encouragement and help from Eric, I am happy to say that I am sober today and in active recovery.  Eric is the one who finally got me to pour out all of my alcohol by asking me if I was really going to “hoar myself for a grape”.  He actually scheduled a Skype session to be there with me when I actually did this.  Who does that kind of thing???  Eric Paskel.  That’s who.

Eric always says it like it is.  He speaks his truth from his heart.  Eric’s standards are very high, and that is why I respect him so much.  He is a beacon of Truth.  He is growing, training and overseeing the future teachers of Electric Soul Yoga at his retreats.  

Finally, Eric is a rare jewel.  He sees the good in everyone, and I mean everyone.  He is always ready with a well-timed hug for anyone in need of encouragement or congratulations.  He has taught me much in my life of 54 years and I will always have a special place in my heart for him. 

In Truth and Sincerity,


Eric's next Life & Teacher Training takes place April 16 - 26 in Costa Rica. Learn more HERE 

The Golden One: 50th Wedding Anniversary


What should I get my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary, I asked my lady.  "Duh, Goobi (term of endearment), get your ass there and spend some time with them," she answered. Rina was right. The best gift a child can give their parents is spending time with them.

My trip is a surprise.  On the plane ride to Florida my excitement builds, as I write down some thoughts that are running through my mind on what it takes to stay with someone 50 years.

I have spent the better part of 30 years studying relationships, and of course, have had a variety of them myself. I would love to tell you that I was able to hold my marriage together, but I couldn’t. What has come together for me, is the understanding of what we all need to know about upholding an “until death do us part" vow.

The list I have compiled was forged from the space of upholding the pledge of “until death do us part."   Everything else in the marital contract, in some form, and at sometime, will most likely not only be broken, but shattered.   Are you ready? If so, check out some of the reasons these incredible marriages have lasted!

1. Forgiveness is the only action a couple needs to perfect. Since neither person in the relationship is perfect, imperfections will show up in many forms.  None of which will necessarily be fun, for either person, and for some, those imperfections may seemly be intolerable. Forgiveness is the cornerstone to any successful relationship, especially a marriage, in making it last a lifetime. Everything has to be forgivable to make things livable!  Mark Twain said, "Forgiveness is the fragrance a violet sheds on the heel that crushes it.” Think about that!  Live it!  Then you will find it easy and freeing to forgive.

2. Two Lanes: There are only two lanes on the marital highway. One is staying married.  The other one is leaving! You have to choose the “staying married” lane over and over again. That has to be more important than anything else that happens in the marriage. There is a glory and a story that one can only have by staying in it. There are so many chapters to the story and you have to be steadfast on finishing your book. There will be many tragedies and triumphs throughout your story.  There will be times of despondency, as well as emotional, physical and financial bankruptcy. There will be births, deaths, laughs, and celebrations. All the while, you need to keep choosing to stay in that lane. Those that leave may find incredible loves, but they will never know if their choice was a good one, because they left before the story was over. No one who leaves will ever find out what it would have been like to stay. It's a huge commitment! Staying is huge! It may end with one or both parties not being entirely happy.  However, if either one truly understands the value of holding that space for decades, then that in itself is an experience that cannot be matched by any other in this world. 

3. Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain etc., without fear! Need I say more? Of course there may be fear, but fear never overtakes either of you.  Fear never dictates decisions. In short, it never wins the war.  Some battles yes, but not the war.

4. Loyalty and Stubbornness: These qualities came straight from the horse’s mouth. When I asked my father how did you two manage to stay together for 50 years? My father responded, "I am too loyal to leave and Marlene is too stubborn".  After reflecting on that statement and what my father truly meant, it made perfect sense. I call it L.A.F., which stands for loyalty, allegiance, faithfulness. All of these words can be found in the other words’ definitions.  They are one in the same. One could substitute them for leniency, affection and friendship. Point being is that you have to have many laughs and hold the principles of L.A.F.

5. Never say Never: I have seen marriages explode because one or both partieshave unintelligently created a deep seeded belief of what should never be acceptable. I am not suggesting I know your moral compass.  I am stating that "I would never stay with someone who cheated on me," along with other such statements, are guarantees that a marriage will not last. In a long term relationship, you have to take things as they come. You have to be willing to see through many different lenses, and have an in depth understanding of the human condition. By saying, “I do” forever, you cannot say, "but I won't put up with this shit..."

I tip my hat to all who have somehow, someway, held their marriages together. Few realize that the relationship they dream of, is just that; a dream. Reality is a long lasting marriage with many nightmares. There is no fantasy. The fantasy is thinking it will be anything less than the most difficult thing you will do in life. However, the more difficult it is, the more gratifying the work will be. The reward from staying in a marriage is not just what the couple feels, but the gift of wholeness that they give to their families, their friends and their community. In a fragmented world with so much divisiveness, married couples give us unity. The more unions that stay intact, the more unions that will be created.

Thanks to all who make it their life’s commitment to grow a successful marriage.