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Yoga Rocks

My first music memory wasn't of a cartoon or Disney movie, it wasn't of nursery rhythms or holiday tunesMy first music memory... rocks. My father set me down in front of the stereo with enormous speakers, put the needle on the record, cranked the volume to 10, and what I heard next has been with me ever since. The sound of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle shifting through all five gears on its way to take off was shattering my ear drums, and as that bike drove off in the distance, the drums and bass came kicking in as the intro to Steppenwolf's Borne to be Wild seeped into my soul (I was 3 or 4). 



Years later at 30, I was doing an experiment with yoga, 90 classes in 90 days. I was on a quest to find out why I hated it! One of the most important findings was that yoga is extremely rhythmic and soulful, yet it wasn't being presented that way. During class, I would hear songs in my head that would fit beautifully to the flows we were working on. I could picture and feel the room ignite if a certain song was on to whatever it was we were doing. I spoke to my teachers about playing music in class but they were not having it. I saw a need; yoga that rocks. I never thought I would be the guy to bring it to life, but one day I was asked by my sister's friend to teach her a class to help her get over her fear of going to a studio. 


I hadn't taught a class before, and I had only been practicing yoga for 9 months or so.  I made a "mixtape," brought a yoga mat and a jam box, and history was made! Within months of teaching Sabrina, "Yoga Rocks" was created. It has opened the door to folks across the world whom otherwise would have  never tried yoga. It has inspired thousands of teachers to teach this style of yoga along with an unimaginable amount of students who went from dragging themselves to class to excitedly going and shaking their ass. Yoga Rocks has made its way to stadiums and festivals; it's gone as far as having DJ's and live music wrapped around a yoga class. When looking at my career and all the incredible life changing experiences I've been a part of, none of them would have happened had I not said the wise words of Rage Against the Machine: "Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me."   



It wasn't easy being insulted by students and frowned upon by peers, but it would have been much harder being a coward and not listening to that voice inside me that said "this is what you must do". I'm very proud to say that I have inspired so many teachers to teach with real, meaningful, kick ass music, and I'm humbled by all the lives that have been touched by yoga because the music made it more accessible. I've been called the "Godfather of Yoga Rocks" but I'm no Godfather, I'm more like the OG!  


E to the mutha fucking P. 


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Become Born Again: Exercise Your True Greatness

I was born on February 22, 1968.  I was reborn on January 24,1986, and yet again on

April 1, 2004 , and September 26, 2013.  Yet, I am sure I will be reborn again in this lifetime.  A rebirth comes from a complete paradigm shift. It is truly when the world you live in, the operating principles that guide you, change entirely. This can be initiated by external circumstances.  But in order to be reborn, one must renew their inner constitution.

The first 18 years of my life I suffered. I never knew a comfort in my own skin. I never experienced an ounce of content. I was swept up in what others thought or felt about me. I wanted to alter my state daily.  I knew everything and I wanted to die. My first rebirth came as I walked into Drug Rehab, January 24, 1986. Thirty days later, with a lifetime of work ahead of me, I was reborn. I wanted to live. I knew nothing.  I was concerned about what I thought about, not what others thought. I was content with a conversation, a smile, a meal, and a good night’s sleep. I felt, for the first time, real and genuine. I wanted to be in the state I was in.

Rebirth is possible.  In fact it's probable, if and only, when you want to exercise your true greatness. I am not talking about talent.  Talent, in many cases, is not only an obstacle to find your greatness, but it kills. I am talking about your godliness.  That is simply the magic in you. The incredible power that we, as humans, possess.  These days, days are spent chasing mundane dreams by humanity.  I see people, including myself, achieving goals and fulfilling dreams, only to find they still are not full!

This Easter become born again!  Make a total shift.  Know that you don't know!  Surrender.  No more chasing and racing through life.  Cease and release the need to control, to look "good", to pretend, or to hide.  Be real!  Do the work you know you need to do and learn what you don't know!  All of this may sound overwhelming, but it all starts with one powerful choice.  Choose to really live and choose to get help in doing so. You want to see a different world? You will the moment there is a different you.

Join us this Good Friday for Chill, Chant & Chat. This evening is the culmination of my Yoga Movement.  We are travelers, seekers, fighters and lovers.  But all in all, we are humans.  Come be human with us.


A Real Life Transformation : Life & Teacher Training Testimonial

Although I am normally a very private person, I am going to tell you about my experience with Eric Paskel, because he has made such a transformative mark on my life.  I first met Eric at a workshop that he led at Perennial Yoga and Meditation Center in Madison, WI on March 27-29, 2015.  I was drawn in by this teaser:

Eric Paskel is going to take us on a journey that starts with identifying where we are, where we want to go, and how to get ourselves there. This is a bootcamp for your Body, Mind and Intellect. You'll be strengthened and lengthened both on a muscular and mental level. Discussions will include diet, relationships, communication and exercise and they will take us to the roots of all our actions. If you are willing to lay it on the line -- physically, mentally and spiritually - you won't be sorry. Come transform your everyday yoga practice into a transcendental experience and leave with a RENEWED sense of yourSELF.”

This was all true.  Eric inspired me to begin a path of renewal.  In fact, after completing his “boot camp”, I cancelled a major surgery for which I had already had my pre-op physical, in order to continue my journey with Eric. I signed up immediately to attend his Mexico life/teacher training workshop and retreat for 2 weeks in May.  To say it was a transformative experience is an understatement.

Due to a childhood trauma, I had not stepped foot in an ocean in over 45 years.  I’ve been all over the world with my family, and have always sat on the beach while they surfed the waves or surf boarded.  Through an number of mental challenges and exercises that Eric facilitated during his workshop, I was able to work through my fear of water, and not only go in to bodysurf the first wave of my life, but the very next day I actually surf boarded!!!  My family was absolutely floored to see the pictures of me with a huge smile on my face surfboarding.  My husband asked me if I was really his wife.

To be honest, I was headed to my lawyer to pursue a divorce before I met Eric.  He asked me to put that on hold until after the retreat to see how I felt then.  Unbelievable.  I am no longer house searching.  My relationship with my husband is flourishing.  All because Eric asked me to stay put and listen up.  Eric is a wealth of wisdom, and anyone lucky enough to be in his path would do well to shut up and listen.  Good things are to come because Eric will stick with you and love you through your entire journey.

Included in Eric’s workshop in Mexico were daily talks on Vedanta, of which the goal is for “the seeker to have the direct experience of his or her true nature, and it is held that each and every one of us is qualified to have that highest illumination, if we are willing to put forth sincere and intense effort.” 

I learned a lot about having my addictions illuminated.  I had been ignoring the white elephant in the room.  With a lot of encouragement and help from Eric, I am happy to say that I am sober today and in active recovery.  Eric is the one who finally got me to pour out all of my alcohol by asking me if I was really going to “hoar myself for a grape”.  He actually scheduled a Skype session to be there with me when I actually did this.  Who does that kind of thing???  Eric Paskel.  That’s who.

Eric always says it like it is.  He speaks his truth from his heart.  Eric’s standards are very high, and that is why I respect him so much.  He is a beacon of Truth.  He is growing, training and overseeing the future teachers of Electric Soul Yoga at his retreats.  

Finally, Eric is a rare jewel.  He sees the good in everyone, and I mean everyone.  He is always ready with a well-timed hug for anyone in need of encouragement or congratulations.  He has taught me much in my life of 54 years and I will always have a special place in my heart for him. 

In Truth and Sincerity,


Eric's next Life & Teacher Training takes place April 16 - 26 in Costa Rica. Learn more HERE 

New Years Resolutions Year Round

Some years ago when I was just a teen my friends and I where at my parents house while they were out of town.  Although the party was definitely rich with people and playthings we decided that we wanted to take the show on the road. There were two vehicles in the garage ready to take us anywhere we wanted to go, except for one thing... my parents took the keys with them so I couldn't use their cars. I remember staring at the cars thinking "what good are they without the keys they can't move". Years later I came across a similar and a much more global issue; New Year's Resolutions; they can't get you very far without knowing what the keys to success are. A few weeks into the New Year many find they are slipping back into old patterns even after swearing to themselves, family and friends things are going to change.

Here are 3 steps to help you uphold your New Year's Resolutions 

1. I Can't We Can: We all must realize that a resolution comes from an understanding that something must change. Although it may have been just discovered, there is a history with whatever it is you are wanting to resolve. If you were able to make that change you wouldn't be reading this and you certainly wouldn't have made it a resolution. Nothing in this world is done alone. I couldn't be writing this blog without my iPad. Someone built the chair I'm sitting in and the desk I'm typing at. Whatever you are looking to start or stop, learn or unlearn, won’t be accomplished without help. Ask for help! Be willing to become an expert on whatever it is you are trying to do or not do. You will need a village of friends, family, experts, support groups, intensive study, you may even need to plant yourself in a conducive environment for your change for an extended period of time. Point being, you must be ready to do whatever it takes and all change takes a lot of help and education. Remember: Only you can do it but you can't do it alone!

 2. The world doesn't need to change you do: One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in pursuit of their own change is blaming people, places and things for change being difficult. Yes the environment can make things easier or harder but in the end as a human you are designed to rise above environmental influences. You mustn't waste a moment trying to change others, or wishing things to be different. You must use that energy on yourself! If you put the amount of time looking outside yourself into looking at yourself all will be well. No one completes us and no one defeats us but us! Look around the world, do your research and you will find an unrelenting law: "You are the Architect of your own fortune and misfortune.” - (A. Parthasarathy).  It is you that has choice, it is you that has taken yourself out of and into everything you have experienced. Know deeply that no matter what is happening around you, you are responsible for what is going on within you! You are fully responsible for your New Years Resolutions, you chose them and now it's up to you to deliver. Refer back to step one now and get help.

3. Work: Now it's time to do the work. You will make mistakes, you will relapse, you will struggle. New Year's Resolutions can be set ups for failure simply because change takes time and an unswerving commitment they don't go far on impulse. Working on changing is change itself. Understand what you are really trying to do and be realistic with the results. Many of us have a nasty habit of unrealistic expectations which come from a lack of understanding/education on what we our resolutions entail. I hear every year countless people wanting to stop drinking or of course wanting to change their eating habits. These kinds of changes don't just happen and if they do they won't last. You must educate yourself on the subject. Changing habits, arresting addictions are big time ventures, that take incredible amounts of time and energy to see through. They can involve job and relationship changes and much, much more. Resolutions such as watching less TV even involve a "bigger picture"/a deeper underlying issue. One of your resolutions may have to be to transform your relationship with self-work. Without a healthy relationship, working on yourself it will quickly become strenuous, and stressful. Once in that state, the mind is looking for relief and guess where that relief comes from?? Yep the very thing you were trying to give up or the mind will find a new habit that you will one day need to stop! Learn to love the struggle, the challenge of change and you will set yourself free. These are the bare essentials for making good on your NYR. In most cases resolutions are truly about taking a personal inventory. Once that inventory is taken we are left with a deeper awareness on how we wish to improve ourselves. There is no creature alive that can live and love like a human being. You have won the "creature lotto" but in order to open the treasure you have dig deep within yourself to unlock it. The keys to unlocking your treasure are essential and

I have designed a 10 day program to do just that. Learn more about Eric Paskel life and teacher training here. Once you jump on the road of transformation the need for resolutions is no longer there because everyday you are already doing the work. Here's to your greatness!