Join Rina In Costa Rica May 23rd-May 30th For Yoga Teacher Training

Dearest Electric Soul Family,

I’m reaching out to let you know about a wonderful opportunity you might not know is in front of you. Since Rina has come to our community, the feedback has been astounding and I, of course, am her #1 fan. She’s an internationally-renowned yoga teacher and a master of her craft. She has dedicated the last 16 years of her life solely to discovering as much yoga as she can. And now she wants to share with you these teachings and her expertise in this vast field. I tend to be a skeptic and believe many yoga teachers out there are in it for the wrong reasons, but Rina isn’t. She’s dedicated to this cause whole-heartedly and I am grateful to have her as a teacher myself. (She’s also graciously admitted that I am a teacher for her too.)

Many of you were not able to attend my teacher training in Costa Rica, but you still have time to get your life together; show up for yourself and attend Rina’s! She focuses on philosophy, alignment of the poses, anatomy, breathing techniques, learning how to teach and communicate to many levels and circumstances; but all with the purpose to help you evolve yourself from within. You can choose to attend the week only in order to get a nice kick in the butt of your life’s purpose or you can sign up for the full 6-month program.

If you have any single doubt or question about it, email Rina directly ( ) or call her (305-799-7059) and let her know you’re intrigued. She can help assess if, this is the best program and timing for you.

You know what I’ll say… The time is NOW and this is the BEST thing you can do for yourself besides of course taking my training. (I had to throw in some EP.)

Let’s rise together with consciousness, conviction and action!

Rina’s dedication to this is always apparent. She has already started to collect names and emails from those of you interested in getting together outside of the studio – like for a picnic, a hike, etc. These are ways we can keep building this family in a supportive and loving way. (Email her at if you want to be part of this list.)



- EP


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