Wellness & Gratitude By Tim Paul

Finally, some time to go to yoga! But of course my mind is saying otherwise. Free time? Why not watch TV...anyway the reasons to go outweigh the reasons not to. Mindful exercise helps heal, never felt worse after yoga then before class, and had to take a break from a cell phone, talk about eyestrain. So it was about time to take an hour out of the day to practice! But practice what?

Walking into the studio after checking in at the desk we get to leave our belongings outside the yoga room, talk about feeling lighter. Upon going in the room and setting the mat down I'm grateful. Not because I'm going to get some workout, but that we come as we are! There are so many blessings with just the fact I can be inside a yoga class and practice for a wholesome hour. For example, transportation to and from, I'm able to afford the best therapy (yoga), and it’s a way to develop health. That's when I realized; gratitude was going to be the practice.

Without everyday distractions, closed eyes, long slow full breaths connected with the movements between and within the poses, the class begins. We come, as we are, not used to be, or strain to become. Bringing awareness to the body, wellness, breath, sounds, motions, balance and all the things we do posses, like love. This sense of gratitude helps develop a physical edge, which most people seek from yoga, when it’s really within. Progressing a practice by not labeling challenges impossible, but being grateful to show us how to move forward.

Swimming in sweat, class ends with a smile and I’m feeling and thinking better than before. Feeding the positive. The space of gratitude we cultivate may break us or make us. The sense of committing to a practice away from what we think, and into what we are. Putting a phone away and giving yourself some undivided time to experience the beauty of the senses and life, leaving with a sense of well being and possibly a peace of mind. Being thankful for challenges to keep us healthy, the challenge to practice gratitude.




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