Definition of Heathy By Sarah Wahl

“It is health that has real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver” ~Mahatma Gandi

Throughout the end of last year and into the start of this year, the word health has been on my mind, and just what health means to us all. Some people don’t want to think about it, others don’t mean to take it for granted but think it’s owed to us, and some are actively working each day to focus on health and taking care of this vessel we’re using on our experience in this life. 

This was mainly brought into my focus because my 18 year old cousin, Luke, has cancer for the third time. Every class, I’ve used him as my center and my focus; feeling the burn in my legs because I can push through in honor of him. In honor of someone unable to make it to class. He was an athlete and an amazing one at that. When we take a yoga class or go on a hike, just take a second to say thank you. Thank you for my health, thank you for the ability to get myself out of bed this morning and put one foot in front of the other. Thank you for allowing my body to work today and thank you thank you for my health.

You can have all the money in the world, but if you’re health is bad or you’ve beaten your body up too much, that money won’t mean anything, if you’re not healthy enough to use it or do anything with it.

Being healthy is a state of mind that feeds the body. If you tell yourself every day that, you’re sick and tired and that’s all you keep telling people, guess what? You’ll be sick and tired all the time. What we allow into our head affect us mentally and physically. My cousin Luke will not take no for an answer. He is filling himself up with happiness and positive strong energy. We get to choose how we react to life, and to the strengths and struggles.

The goal is the realize health is the main treasure, what we all aim for- Good Health, Happiness and Time to enjoy life.

~Sarah Wahl

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Yogis Testimonies:

Sarah’s class is the perfect blend of a great workout and mind-body yoga relaxation. You’re always moving but with a real steady focus. There’s the ideal amount of time on the mat compared to time spent in standing poses. Her music is always amazing and Sarah creates flows where every part of the body gets an even amount of attention. She also sets the room with just the right amount of heat. When you enter the studio you always get a warm hug from Sarah. She makes you feel so welcomed! We love Sarah’s classes and look forward to attending it anytime she is on the schedule! She’s awesome! -Love, Jill, Garrett and Ruby

I absolutely LOVE Sarah's class. She's an amazing teacher, walks around and keeping an eye out for times to give you small corrections with your technique or to push you a little further than you think you can go. At the same time, she knows how to make class FUN! Her music selection is on POINT and she gets your booty grooving. And her voice is so soothing; she always seems to have something poignant to say that connects our yoga practice to real life situations. I definitely feel like a better person when I leave her class, both physically and mentally.... which is everything that I've been looking for in a yoga class. Thank you Sarah for the sweat therapy! -Much Love, Amanda de Joya