A Real Life Transformation : Life & Teacher Training Testimonial

Although I am normally a very private person, I am going to tell you about my experience with Eric Paskel, because he has made such a transformative mark on my life.  I first met Eric at a workshop that he led at Perennial Yoga and Meditation Center in Madison, WI on March 27-29, 2015.  I was drawn in by this teaser:

Eric Paskel is going to take us on a journey that starts with identifying where we are, where we want to go, and how to get ourselves there. This is a bootcamp for your Body, Mind and Intellect. You'll be strengthened and lengthened both on a muscular and mental level. Discussions will include diet, relationships, communication and exercise and they will take us to the roots of all our actions. If you are willing to lay it on the line -- physically, mentally and spiritually - you won't be sorry. Come transform your everyday yoga practice into a transcendental experience and leave with a RENEWED sense of yourSELF.”

This was all true.  Eric inspired me to begin a path of renewal.  In fact, after completing his “boot camp”, I cancelled a major surgery for which I had already had my pre-op physical, in order to continue my journey with Eric. I signed up immediately to attend his Mexico life/teacher training workshop and retreat for 2 weeks in May.  To say it was a transformative experience is an understatement.

Due to a childhood trauma, I had not stepped foot in an ocean in over 45 years.  I’ve been all over the world with my family, and have always sat on the beach while they surfed the waves or surf boarded.  Through an number of mental challenges and exercises that Eric facilitated during his workshop, I was able to work through my fear of water, and not only go in to bodysurf the first wave of my life, but the very next day I actually surf boarded!!!  My family was absolutely floored to see the pictures of me with a huge smile on my face surfboarding.  My husband asked me if I was really his wife.

To be honest, I was headed to my lawyer to pursue a divorce before I met Eric.  He asked me to put that on hold until after the retreat to see how I felt then.  Unbelievable.  I am no longer house searching.  My relationship with my husband is flourishing.  All because Eric asked me to stay put and listen up.  Eric is a wealth of wisdom, and anyone lucky enough to be in his path would do well to shut up and listen.  Good things are to come because Eric will stick with you and love you through your entire journey.

Included in Eric’s workshop in Mexico were daily talks on Vedanta, of which the goal is for “the seeker to have the direct experience of his or her true nature, and it is held that each and every one of us is qualified to have that highest illumination, if we are willing to put forth sincere and intense effort.” 

I learned a lot about having my addictions illuminated.  I had been ignoring the white elephant in the room.  With a lot of encouragement and help from Eric, I am happy to say that I am sober today and in active recovery.  Eric is the one who finally got me to pour out all of my alcohol by asking me if I was really going to “hoar myself for a grape”.  He actually scheduled a Skype session to be there with me when I actually did this.  Who does that kind of thing???  Eric Paskel.  That’s who.

Eric always says it like it is.  He speaks his truth from his heart.  Eric’s standards are very high, and that is why I respect him so much.  He is a beacon of Truth.  He is growing, training and overseeing the future teachers of Electric Soul Yoga at his retreats.  

Finally, Eric is a rare jewel.  He sees the good in everyone, and I mean everyone.  He is always ready with a well-timed hug for anyone in need of encouragement or congratulations.  He has taught me much in my life of 54 years and I will always have a special place in my heart for him. 

In Truth and Sincerity,


Eric's next Life & Teacher Training takes place April 16 - 26 in Costa Rica. Learn more HERE