Bomb Plot

By Rob Woollard

This morning, December 7th, was the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and brought the United States into WWII.  Several months before this in England a Nazi bomb dropped in my father’s back yard penetrating their bomb shelter and blowing my Grandfather’s heal off his foot.  People all over the world were dying or being murdered in the thousands on a daily basis.  It seems so far away, but it was only 70 years ago.  50 million people killed. The things I worry about today are ridiculous, yet I am grateful to not be pondering which bread line to stand in.

Today, my biggest challenge is getting a document to print out on my wireless printer from my phone – whilst I eat organic, locally grown, fair trade, indigenous tortilla chips.  Meanwhile, as we continue to “advance” technologically there has been a steady rise in anxiety, depression, isolation and what I call weariness.  People are tired, but refusing to get of the treadmill of consumption and consumerism.

I read dozens of history books each year.  I believe I have learned more about being grateful from my studies in history, than in my studies in yoga.  Everywhere we look the history of the United States alone we find injustice, violence, fear, segregation.  All of these are being battled by good people seeking the exact opposite. Yet I must admit to spend more time researching which custom, raw, organic cat food I should buy then actively speaking out against injustice.

I know in theory I should be extremely grateful for everything, but I am not.  I still complain, bitch and whine about stupid shit – leaving me vulnerable.  From my study of history and knowing what my family went through, I am less materialistic, less frantic, less interested in being around any type of drama.  I can now watch it swirl around me.  My ancestors had no choice but to face life fully during WWI and WWII.  I attempt to take their spirits into everything I do.