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Experience the healing power of sound this week at Electric Soul Yoga. Enjoy a  432Hertz Soundbath Meditation! Simply lie down, relax & let the healing vibration of 432Hz wash over you as singer|musician|body worker|yoga teacher Rachel Bearer, along with guest artist & collaborator Christopher Given Harrison, guide you through a sensual & heavenly experience using ethereal vocal loops, ambient synth pads & soothing guitar sounds, all tuned to the harmonic intonation of nature - 432 Hz. Music tuned to this frequency resonates inside the body in a way that naturally balances the hemispheres of the brain, releasing emotional blockages & expanding consciousness.

Yoga Gives: Teaming Up with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


On June 18th, we're joining forces with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to use our love of yoga and raise money to help find a cure for cancer! This event will take place at our studio located in Studio City, CA.

Cancer is a strenuous illness that takes a toll on everyone involved – emotionally, physically and financially. St.Jude.Org states that "1 in 5 U.S. children diagnosed with cancer won't survive. Each year, 175,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide, and many of these kids don't have access to modern treatment."

Every single penny raised can help go towards the below costs. Your donations and attendance at Yoga Gives matter!

Dedicate your love and practice of yoga to someone in need fighting for their lives. If for a moment's time, take a pause and help make a difference by participating in our event.

Sign up and/or donate here.

Invite your yoga-loving friends and family as we do something healthy and give back to the community and St. Jude's cause. Come on out and show your support – let's make this event one for the books!

-Team ESY


Did you know: St. Jude has been known to include yoga in their cancer therapy? It's been a widely known phenomenon, but proven to help increase a sense of well being after yoga sessions. "The Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing reveals that yoga has the ability to ease stress in children with cancer as well as their parents." - Detroit Alternative Medicine Examiner


Join Rina In Costa Rica May 23rd-May 30th For Yoga Teacher Training

Dearest Electric Soul Family,

I’m reaching out to let you know about a wonderful opportunity you might not know is in front of you. Since Rina has come to our community, the feedback has been astounding and I, of course, am her #1 fan. She’s an internationally-renowned yoga teacher and a master of her craft. She has dedicated the last 16 years of her life solely to discovering as much yoga as she can. And now she wants to share with you these teachings and her expertise in this vast field. I tend to be a skeptic and believe many yoga teachers out there are in it for the wrong reasons, but Rina isn’t. She’s dedicated to this cause whole-heartedly and I am grateful to have her as a teacher myself. (She’s also graciously admitted that I am a teacher for her too.)

Many of you were not able to attend my teacher training in Costa Rica, but you still have time to get your life together; show up for yourself and attend Rina’s! She focuses on philosophy, alignment of the poses, anatomy, breathing techniques, learning how to teach and communicate to many levels and circumstances; but all with the purpose to help you evolve yourself from within. You can choose to attend the week only in order to get a nice kick in the butt of your life’s purpose or you can sign up for the full 6-month program.

If you have any single doubt or question about it, email Rina directly (rina@rinayoga.com ) or call her (305-799-7059) and let her know you’re intrigued. She can help assess if, this is the best program and timing for you.

You know what I’ll say… The time is NOW and this is the BEST thing you can do for yourself besides of course taking my training. (I had to throw in some EP.)

Let’s rise together with consciousness, conviction and action!

Rina’s dedication to this is always apparent. She has already started to collect names and emails from those of you interested in getting together outside of the studio – like for a picnic, a hike, etc. These are ways we can keep building this family in a supportive and loving way. (Email her at rina@rinayoga.com if you want to be part of this list.)



- EP


More Info:
Rina Costa Rica Teacher Training


Yoga Rocks

My first music memory wasn't of a cartoon or Disney movie, it wasn't of nursery rhythms or holiday tunesMy first music memory... rocks. My father set me down in front of the stereo with enormous speakers, put the needle on the record, cranked the volume to 10, and what I heard next has been with me ever since. The sound of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle shifting through all five gears on its way to take off was shattering my ear drums, and as that bike drove off in the distance, the drums and bass came kicking in as the intro to Steppenwolf's Borne to be Wild seeped into my soul (I was 3 or 4). 



Years later at 30, I was doing an experiment with yoga, 90 classes in 90 days. I was on a quest to find out why I hated it! One of the most important findings was that yoga is extremely rhythmic and soulful, yet it wasn't being presented that way. During class, I would hear songs in my head that would fit beautifully to the flows we were working on. I could picture and feel the room ignite if a certain song was on to whatever it was we were doing. I spoke to my teachers about playing music in class but they were not having it. I saw a need; yoga that rocks. I never thought I would be the guy to bring it to life, but one day I was asked by my sister's friend to teach her a class to help her get over her fear of going to a studio. 


I hadn't taught a class before, and I had only been practicing yoga for 9 months or so.  I made a "mixtape," brought a yoga mat and a jam box, and history was made! Within months of teaching Sabrina, "Yoga Rocks" was created. It has opened the door to folks across the world whom otherwise would have  never tried yoga. It has inspired thousands of teachers to teach this style of yoga along with an unimaginable amount of students who went from dragging themselves to class to excitedly going and shaking their ass. Yoga Rocks has made its way to stadiums and festivals; it's gone as far as having DJ's and live music wrapped around a yoga class. When looking at my career and all the incredible life changing experiences I've been a part of, none of them would have happened had I not said the wise words of Rage Against the Machine: "Fuck you, I wont do what you tell me."   



It wasn't easy being insulted by students and frowned upon by peers, but it would have been much harder being a coward and not listening to that voice inside me that said "this is what you must do". I'm very proud to say that I have inspired so many teachers to teach with real, meaningful, kick ass music, and I'm humbled by all the lives that have been touched by yoga because the music made it more accessible. I've been called the "Godfather of Yoga Rocks" but I'm no Godfather, I'm more like the OG!  


E to the mutha fucking P. 


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